Best Fantasy Apps: List of Top 15 Fantasy Cricket App in India

Top 15 cricket apps list, Top Fantasy cricket apps download, Dream11, My circle 11- Fantasy app become popular day by day. These days many people start playing Fantasy league and earn thousands, lakhs and crores of money. Cricket, Football, Kabaddi are the main games that are available on the Fantasy apps, But out of these games, Cricket is the most popular.

In India, most of the people play Cricket Fantasy league because cricket is not just a sport, it is a religion in India. In India, many people have good knowledge of cricket so, they love to play fantasy cricket and win unlimited money. Day by day there is an increase in the number of players on fantasy apps.

Top 15 Fantasy Cricket App in India

There are many fantasy app available on the internet from which you can also earn unlimited money by playing fantasy cricket leagues. So, I am going to tell you about the top 15 Fantasy Cricket apps in India from which you can also win unlimited money.

What is the Fantasy Cricket Game?

The very first question that comes in your mind if you do not have any idea about Fantasy Cricket apps is that “What is the Fantasy Cricket game?”

Fantasy Cricket game is the game that is played in the Fantasy app. It is totally based on your skills and cricket knowledge. In this game, you have to create your virtual team of 11 players in the Fantasy app before starting the match. Later, in a real match, the performance and score of the players give you points.

A fantasy cricket match is based on your cricket skills and strategy. If your strategy is perfect then you can score good points. The main aim of the fantasy Cricket Match is to make a big difference in the points with the opposition.

All the International matches like ODI, Tests, and T20 can be played under the Fanta cricket app. Some Popular leagues like IPL, BPL, CPL, and Big Bass can also be played in the Fantasy Cricket app.

How to play Fantasy Cricket Game?

This is the second question that comes in your mind that “How to play Fantasy Cricket Game and win Unlimited money Daily”?

The similar and basic things about all the apps are to download & install it. So, First of all, download the Fantasy app on your smartphone. I will give the link of all the Fantasy Cricket app.

Selecting the Match- Once you head to the cricket page, you will see the list of upcoming cricket matches that you can participate in. Picks the match that suits you want to play.

Creating the team- After you have selected the match of your choice, its time to put your sports knowledge and analytical skills to good use by picking the right team. This is critical as creating the best team will help you win bigger rewards in Cash Contests.

Cash Contest- Once you have created your team, You will be redirected to the contest page. Select a Cash contest that fits your budget. You can also check your skills in practice contests. That’s it you are all set for a fantasy cricket game.

Follow the Match- After successfully participating in the cricket contest, It’s time to check your fantasy cricket team progress. You can use the fantasy scoreboard and contest leaderboard to check your rank. The score is updated every 2 minutes.

Once the match is over and the winner is automatically declared. Your fantasy team ranking and the winning amount will be visible on the leaderboard.

Note- Carefully select the captain and vice-captain of your team. It will give you 2x and 1.5x points then the actual points scored by him/her. These points play a crucial role in your winning.

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Best Fantasy Cricket Apps:

There are many fantasy apps available on the internet, so it is very difficult for us to select the best from them. That’s why I am here to tell you about the name of the top 15 Fantasy cricket apps, which you can download on your smartphone. These apps are 100% legal and you can earn unlimited cash daily from it.

#1. Dream11




Dream11 is India’s first Fantasy app which is founded in the year 2008. It is also one of the oldest Fantasy apps in the world. It has more than 7 crores + users, so the traffic and competition in this app are very high as compared to the other fantasy cricket app, But in the mega contest-winning prize is very high.

Enter Dream11 Referral code AACHA164ST on Sign up and get Rs100 as a bonus, when you share your referral code with your friends and family then you will also get Rs.100 per referral. 

You can also play Fantasy Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Volleyball on the Dream11 app. Many users earn crores from the Dream11 Cricket contest. Dream11 requires PAN card for the verification & withdrawal of money, so keep this point in your mind before the playing.

Dream11 100% legal in India except some states. Dream11 is the official partner of BCCI(Board of cricket council of India), ICC, CPL, BBL, VIVO Pro Kabaddi League, NBA, and Hero Indian super league. Dream11 is also the official partner of India’s most popular league one and only IPL(Indian premier league), BCCI appointed Dream11 as the official partner of VIVO IPL.

Dream11 download link: Click Here to Download Dream11 app

Dream11 Referral Code: AACHA164ST

Dream Sign up bonus: Rs.100

Dream11 per Referral Bonus: Rs.100

Dream11 minimum withdrawal: Rs.200/day

Dream11 maximum withdrawal: Rs.2,00,000/day

Dream11 Helpdesk link: CLICK FOR DREAM11 HELPDESK

#.2 My11Circle



Click here to download

After Dream11, the app which comes at the second number in our list is My11Circle. It has more than 1.3+ crores users, very less in comparison with the Dream11, So, the competition in this also very low as compared with the Dream11. You can win 1 crore in My11Circle by beating the Shane Waston team in Australia T20 League. You will also get an Rs.500 bonus on your first deposit of money on My11Circle.

Enter My11Circle Referral code “27627101” and get the bonus up to Rs.500 on sign up, You can also get Rs.500 per Referral by sharing your referral code with your friends and family.

You can win unlimited money from the My11Circle fantasy app by selecting the upcoming match of your choice. Then put your sports knowledge and check the player stats on the platform to create a team using 100 credits. Finally, participate in cash contest and win unlimited money. For downloading My11Circle you can also Give a Misscall on 8010400200″.

My11Circle Download Link: Click Here to Download My11Circle

My11Circle Referral Code: 27627101

My11Circle Sign up bonus: Rs.500

My11Circle per referral bonus: Rs.500

My11Circle 1st cash deposit bonus: Rs.500

Minimum withdrawal amountRs.100

My11Circle Customer Support: [email protected]

#3. BalleBazzi


BalleBaazi App Download Link

The next fantasy app which comes in our list is “BalleBazzi”. This is the new Fantasy app launched in India. The best thing with BalleBaazi is that it allows you to excel in the gaming department that you would like the moat. It means that you can play Normal Fantasy, Batting Fantasy, and Bowling Fantasy in this app.

Use Ballebaazi Referral code “DREAMTEAMand get Rs.100 on sign up, you will also get Rs.100 per referral when your friends use your referral code. You will also get a 100% extra bonus on your deposit between Rs.100 to Rs.5000.

BalleBazzi App Download Link: Click here to Download BalleBaazi app

BalleBazzi app Referral code: DREAMTEAM

Sign Up Bonus: Rs.100

Per Referral Bonus: Rs.100

Customer Support: Help Desk Link

#.4 MyTeam11


MyTeam11 Download Link

MyTeam11 is known to be the second-largest market leader and most trusted fantasy sports brand across India. It is similar to the dream11 in which you have to select 11 players from both the team. Currently, there are 15million+ users available on the MyTeam11.

MyTeam11 Referral Code:- 

Enter this code on signup and get Rs.100 bonus amount. You can share your referral code with your friends and get Rs.50 per referral. They recently launched a scratch card concepts like Google pay on a daily basis you will get a Scratch card and get a bonus from it.

In MyTeam11 you can also play some free contests and win real cash from it.

MyTeam11 Download Link: Click here to Download MyTeam11

MyTeam11 referral code: 

MyTeam11 sign up bonus: Rs.100

MyTeam11 per referral bonus: Rs.50

MyTeam11 Customer Support: +91-1414579900 and [email protected]

#.5 HalaPlay 


HalaPlay app Download Link

The Fantasy Cricket app which comes at number 5 is “HalaPlay”. It has more than 85+ lakhs users. Halaplay is a Daily Fantasy Sports(DFS) that empowers serious and casual sports enthusiasts to play cashback quick, simple, and interesting game. You can win Rs.2 crores+ on every match in HalaPlay.

Enter HalaPlay App Referral Code:- W7YSA7HG on sign up on HalaPlay App & get Rs.100 to sign up bonus. Now share your referral code with your friends and earn Rs.50 per referral. You will also get a 100% bonus on your 1st deposit on HalaPlay.

Note- Must verify your PAN card to get a bonus amount.

HalaPlay app Download Link: Click here to Download HalaPlay

HalaPlay Referral Code: W7YSA7HG

Sign up Bonus: Rs.100

Referral Bonus: Rs.50/refer

Customer Support: [email protected]

#6. FatasyPower11


FnatasyPower11 download link

FantasyPower11 cricket is a fantasy sports management game for cricket, operating on standard procedures and processes. If you are in top in any contest then you can will up to 5 lakhs from Fantasypower11. There is very low competition in this app so many users earn much more money from this app.

You will get Rs.20 bonus on sign up and Rs.20 on per referral, you can use these bonus amount in participating in any mega contest.

FantasyPower11 Download link: CLICK HERE

FantasyPower11 Referral code:

FantasyPower11 sign up bonus: Rs.20

FantasyPower11 per referral bonus: Rs.20

Customer Support: +91-1204127419 & [email protected]

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#.7 Howzat

Howzat Fantasy Cricket



Howzat Download Link

Howzat comes at number 7 in the list of top 15 fantasy cricket apps. More than 7 million people join the Howzat Fantasy app and win unlimited money from it. You can get up to Rs.5000 welcome bonus on Howzat. You will get different options for downloading the Howzat fantasy app. You can download Howzat by Clicking Here.

You will get an Rs.250 bonus on sign and per referral.

Howzat Download Link: Click here to Download

Howzat Referral Code: 

Howzat Sign up bonus: Rs.250

Howzat Per referral bonus: Rs.250

Minimum Withdraw amount: Rs.200

#.8 11Wickets

11Wickets Fantasy cricket

Click here to register on 11Wickets

11wickets is a newly launched Fantasy app. More than 3million+ users play fantasy sports on 11Wickets and win money daily. You can earn more than 1 crore from 11Wickets and it is 100% secure. Other than Cricket you can also play Football, BasketBall, and Kabaddi on 11Wickets.

Enter 11 wicket referral code “ABC” and get Rs.50 on sign up. you will also get Rs.50 per referral.

11Wickets Download Link: Click here to download 11Wickets

11Wickets Referral code:

11Wickets sign up bonus: Rs.50

11Wickets per referral amount: Rs.50

Minimum withdrawal amount: Rs.200(to Paytm wallet or bank account).

Customer Support:

1. Support Number: 7044333331

2. WhatsApp: 7596035330

3. Email: [email protected]

4. Telegram: 11Wickets

#.9 FanMojo

FanMojo Fantasy Cricket

FanMojo Download link

FanMojo is founded in the year 2016, the FanMojo app has over 2.5 million register users. Users on the FanMojo app have won an upgrade of Rs.30 crore by creating 1 cr team and participating in 10000+ matches across various sports.’

Share your referral code with your friends and get an Rs.10 bonus in the FanMojo wallet. You can use this bonus amount in the participating Contest. You will get a 200% bonus on your first cash deposit in the FanMojo wallet.

FanMojo Download Link: Click here to download FanMojo

FanMojo Referral Code:

FanMojo signs up bonus: Rs.10

Referral Amount: Rs.10/refer

Minimum Withdrawal: Rs.200

Customer Support:  [email protected]

#.10 BatBall11

BatBall11 Fantasy cricket

Batball11 download link

Batball11 recently launched its Fantasy Cricket in which you can earn unlimited cash by showing your cricket skills and knowledge. BatBall11 is a 100% legal fantasy app and similar to the Dream11, My11Team, etc. 

On joining, you will Rs.50 when you use the BatBall11 referral code “BB11A138717”. When your friends and family use your referral code on sign up then you will get up to Rs.50.

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BatBall11 Download Link: Click here to download BatBall11

BatBall11 Referral Code: BB11A138717

BatBall11 Sign up bonus: Rs.50

BatBall11 referral bonus: Rs.50

Customer Support: [email protected]

#.11 Fantain

Fantain Fantasy cricket

Fantain direct download link

The next Fantasy Cricket app is “Fantain”. It was founded in the year 2013, and one of the best app to earn real money. It has more than 1million+ fans. You can win up to 1 crore from Fantain. Fantain gives you Rs.100 as a signup bonus and from this bonus, you can win up to 1 crore. Fantain also gives of Rs.100 bonus amount per referral.

Fantain Download Link: Click here to download Fantain

Fantain Referral code:

Fantain signs up bonus: Rs.100

Fantain referral bonus: Rs.100

Minimum withdrawal amount: Rs.200

Customer Support: [email protected]

#.12 Jeet11

Jeet11 fantasy cricket

Jeet11 Download Link

Jeet11 is the recently launched Fantasy app in India. The competition in the Jeet11 Fantasy app is very low as compared to other fantasy app. So, if you are a new player in Fantasy Cricket you should try Jeet11 at the start.

If you are a new user then register on Jeet11 with the referral code “AACH13LP” and get Rs.20 as sign up bonus. You will get Rs.10 per referral and win up to Rs.10,000 by referring your referral code with your friends and family.

Jeet11 Download Link: Click here to Download Jeet11

Jeet11 Referral Code: AACH13LP

Jeet11 Sign up bonus: Rs.20

Refer bouns amount: Rs.10/refer

Is Fantasy Cricket is Legal to Play?

Yes, Fantasy cricket is 100% legal to play anywhere in India, except the states of Telangana, Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, and Sikkim. Fantasy sports are considered to be the game of skills, and playing skills games online is not betting or gambling at all.

Here is the List of Top 10 Fantasy Cricket apps in India. If we found any best fantasy cricket then we will update you. So, always check this Post to know about the top Fantasy Cricket apps in India.

If you have any queries and confusion related to this post or about fantasy apps and games then you can ask it on the comment box. We feel happy to help you.




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