How to Delete Yourself Permanently From the Internet

Hey, guys welcome I hope you are enjoying with our free recharge tricks and free paytm cash. In this article, I am going to show you how to delete yourself permanently from the Internet.

In today’s world, we have to create an account for sign up on various apps, and many websites. Since when we have created an email and sign up on many sites.

We create an account in many sites to avail some offers or something which is good for us or in short you can say beneficial for us but the websites on which we have registered they start sending spams or email. We want to stop that email but we can’t so here is method or guide which going to help you to delete your account.

Something we don’t think about our privacy we just start creating an account in many sites and don’t know how to delete account from that site. So this post will surely help you out, just read the full post.

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Delete yourself from Internet

How to delete your account from any sites in a single click

1. Go to


2. Sign up with your Gmail or Outlook


3. Now you see the two option Keep or Delete.


Choose the option

4. If you want to delete your account in a single click, then click on the delete icon.


5. If you choose to delete option, then click on request removal option.


Request removal option

6. Now a box will be open then click on the send option.


Sent a ,ail to the company for deleting your account

7. They will sent a request removal mail to the company {on which your account is present}


8. And they will delete your account and your account data from their servers.




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