How to Download Hotstar Videos 2020 [ Full Guide & Working Method ]

We all love Hotstar app for watching TV shows, movies, and sports. Of course, Hotstar is the most trending app on the Play Store. However, people prefer this platform to stream live shows and movies for free. Users can easily install the app on an Android device or PC.

It is nothing but an entertainment platform that provides a friendly experience. It is available for android, iOS and for PC. Similarly, Hotstar has a premium subscription and lets you watch video content anytime anywhere. We can download the app for watching videos for free.

But we have confusion about whether the Hotstar has a download option. Well, you can easily download Hotstar videos and watch them later. In this article, we will show you how to download Hotstar videos for Android, and PC.  Let us see the download procedures in detail.

How to Download Hotstar Videos 2020

How to Download Hotstar Videos 2020

There are lots of ways using which we can download Hotstar videos. We have added different types of working method, you can download videos from any method. If you get any problem then comment down below.

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How to Download Videos from the Hotstar App?

There are numerous advantages available when you download the videos from Hotstar. But at the same time, you won’t get download links for every video. So, you need different methods to download Hotstar videos for free. If you have confusion about downloading Hotstar videos, follow the procedures given below.

  • At first, download the Hotstar app from Playstore or Apple Store
  • When the download is complete, open the Hotstar app
  • Search Hotstar video using the search button or scroll the library
  • After choosing a video, you can see the download button at the bottom
  • Tap on download button
  • Pick the quality of video shown before downloading
  • Finally, the video will start to download

How to download Hotstar videos via Hotstar downloader?

Many of us are having confusion about how we can download Hotstar videos for free. In this method, you will download your favorite movies. Without spending much time, you can download it on a PC or even an Android phone.

This is an easy method to download videos from Hotstar. This step is very easy and everyone needs to download an extension in Chrome. So, let us check the procedure to download the Hotstar videos via Hotstar downloader.

  • At first, we need to download the CORS extension in chrome
  • Now, open the Hotstar website or app
  • Choose the video you want to download
  • Then, you have to copy the video link
  • Now, navigate to Hotstar downloader and paste the copied link
  • Click on Fetch button
  • Finally, your required video will download completely

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How to download videos from a Third-party app?

With the help of the third-party app, you can download the Hotstar videos. Do you have confusion about how to download Hotstar videos? Well, this method is very easy for you. So, you can download videos by seeing this step. Let us check the procedure for downloading Hotstar videos for free.

  • Download the third-party app,
  • In the home page, you can see different categories
  • Search Hotstar website
  • Enter the Hotstar site and find the videos
  • Then, there is a download button at the bottom of the video
  • It will allow you to download videos instantly
  • Finally, your videos will download successfully

With the help of this method, you can easily download the app without issue. Anyone can download videos by using this procedure. It provides an easier way to download the video without any hassles.

Downloading Hotstar Videos via TubeMate app?

TubeMate is another way of downloading Hotstar videos easily. Many users use this method for downloading videos from YouTube and other popular social websites. This is a free app contains user interface features.

  • At first, download TubeMate app
  • Then, search and search it
  • Now, search for favorite videos using the search option
  • Now, click the download button and choose the resolution
  • Then, just download icon again to start downloading
  • Your video will start downloading

How to download videos from Hotstar on PC?

For PC lovers, they have confusion about how to download Hotstar videos from PC. It does not take much procedure to complete the download. You can download streaming videos on PC without any hassles.

You can check our full guide on Hotstar Video Downloader for PC: Guide on How to Download Video

  • User has to open a video that needs to download
  • Then, copy the video URL
  • Visit, third party video downloader and paste the URL
  • Click on download button
  • Now choose the video quality and download the video
  • The download will start soon


I hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you have confusion about download Hotstar videos, this post is useful. You can download every premium and non-premium video forever. If you are still facing any difficulties, follow the above methods to download videos. So, it will be helpful for you to download videos from the Hotstar easily.

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