Google Pay Diwali Offer: Get Rangoli & Flower [*Working Method Added]

Here is an amazing Google pay Diwali offer where you can enjoy Rs.251 free balance into your Bank. You just have to collect all 5 stamps like Jhumka, Flower, Diya, Lantern, and Rangoli. You have to collect these stamps by scanning the Diwali items or gifting a friend or by doing a transaction.

Update - 2019.11.01The Offer is Extented to 11th of November, 2019.

You can win up to 1 Lakh if you are lucky, but if you are not so lucky, then you will get Rs.251 into your bank account linked to your Google pay.

Today we will tell you the trick to get all stamps easily, just follow us and enjoy. For more online deals, free recharge tricks, free paytm cash trick subscribe to our website.



Google Pay Diwali Offer


What is Google Pay Diwali Offer?

This Diwali Google is giving a gift, and in that gift, you can get up to 1 Lakh bank balance depending on your luck, but you will definitely get Rs.251.

For getting this gift, you have to collect 5 stamps, and for collecting you have to do some steps which are necessary, you can also say that there is 3 method which you have to follow for collecting stamps.

So today we will be talking about every method which will give you stamps.

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Method 1: Scan Diwali Items & Get Stamps

In this method, you have to scan Diwali Items, and for scanning items, you will get stamps. You can scan a maximum of 5  times in a day.

Method 2: Gift Your Collected Stamps & Get Stamps

In this method, you have to gift your collected stamps if you have more than one, and for gifting, you will get another stamp by just clicking on a friend’s name. In this method, there are chances of getting different stamps.

Method 3: Do Transaction of Rs.35 or More & Get Stamp ( Not Activated )

This method is not activated yet, but it will be activated soon. In this method, you just have to do the transaction of Rs.35 or more like sending money, doing recharges, pay bills, etc., and you will get the stamps.


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How to Avail Google Pay Diwali Offer

1. First of all, you have to update your Google Pay App


2. After updating Google Pay, just click here:


Google Pay Diwali


3. Then you have to do the first method, i.e., scan Diwali item


4. For scanning the Diwali item, you will get a stamp. You can scan 5 Diwali items per day.


5. Now start sharing with your friends, and you will get stamps.

Working Method to Get Rangoli & Flower

We are adding 4 working method to get Rangoli and Flower. This is best and 100% working method to get rangoli & flower. Using this method about 250+ members of our website has got Rangoli and Flower. So what are you all waiting for, just check out the method and enjoy Rangoli or Flower.

Method 1: Just Do Recharge or Do Any Transaction of Rs.35 or More

This method is working lot of time. Using this method, me and my friend got Rangoli same time. Even Google pay send greeting on Mobile like “ Looking for Flowers & Rangoli? Do a recharge of Rs.35 could get one


In this method, you just have to do recharge on your phone, or have to do DTH recharge or send money to any friend.

But remember, transaction amount should be equal to Rs.35 or more.

Method 2: Add Money & Get Rangoli

This method is verified by lots of users, I have not verified this method, but yes this method is also working fine. In this method, you just have to add money into Paytm account or into Airtel Thanks app. Just follow below steps, and you will definitely get rangoli or Flower.


1. Open Paytm app or Airtel Thanks app


2. Now click on add money & write Rs.35 or more. I will advice you to write within Rs.35 to Rs.50.


3. On next page choose ” Bhim Upi ” and enter your Google pay upi id ( Remember you have to enter that UPI id in which you want Rangoli )


4. Then open Google pay app and confirm you transaction by entering your UPI pin.


5. Finally you’re done, Rs.35 will be added instantly into your Paytm wallet or into Airtel Thanks app.


6. That’s it, you will get a stamp ( There will be maximum chances of Rangoli and Flower )

Method 3: Gift Stamp to Your Friend & Get Rangoli

This is the another method which is verified by me and using this method, my brother has got Rangoli into his Google pay. This is best and easy method where you don’t have to spend any penny from your account. So without wasting time just try this method.


1. Open Google pay app and then click on ” Diwali ” option


2. Now there you will see ” Gift or Request ” option


3. Just click any of them, if you are having stamp more than 1 then gift otherwise click on request


4. That’s it, here is maximum chances to get Rangoli.

Method 4: Complain to Care & Get Rangoli

This method is not verified by any users, but I think this method will definitely work. So you must try this method.


1. Open Google Pay app


2. After opening just click on the 3 dots which you will see on the corner of right-hand side


3. Now there you will see ” Send Feedback ” option, just click on it


4. Then just explain that we have completed all the process but didn’t got the Rangoli

You can tell them, Hey Google Pay Team! I am very interested to get Google Pay Rs.251 Diwali reward but I am not able to get Rangoli. I have Diya, Follower. Lantern, and Jhumkha. I have also scanned Diwali items, but didn’t got Rangoli, I have also done all the transaction but didn’t got Rangoli, I have also gifted the stamps but too I didn’t have got Rangoli. Sir/ Mam it’s humble request kindly look through my problem.

5. Now wait 24hrs and try any of the above methods.


6. Finally, You will surely get Rangoli.

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Trick to Get All 5 Stamps Easily



Conclusion of Working Method to Get Rangoli & Flower

Finally, here we have completed our post on the working method to get Rangoli & Flower or You can say here is the trick to get all 5 stamps easily by using our method. If you haven’t got a comment below, we will provide you.

Earn Free Money Upto Rs.1000 From Google Pay Diwali Offer

Today I will be sharing a trick or you can say Google pay Diwali offer where you can definitely get free money upto Rs.1000 without getting Rangoli or any flower. This offer is exclusive for our wewdeals users.


So what are you all waiting for just see the below steps and follow it. Also don’t forget to share this method with your friends too.


Actucally in this offer you have to install ” Files by Google ” and you must have one extra phone with you. The maximum smartphone you will have, the maximum money you will win.


This offer will give you scartch card in Google pay and on scartching you can win upto Rs.1000. You just have to share one picture with you friends and for sharing you will get reward i.e., you will get a scartch card.


Remember, you can share with 10 people only. So let’s get started Google pay Diwali Offer.


1. First of all you have to download Files by Google


2. After downloading, just open the app and click on ” Share ”


3. Now there you will see ” Earn Rewards box ” or you will see ” Get friends to try sharing with you, and earn up to Rs.900. You’ll claim your reward in Google Pay, as shown below.


Google Pay Diwali Offer Extended


4. Remember, sign in with your Google accounts, which is registered on your Google Tez payment app.


5. Finally you’re done. Now share a file with your friends.


6. That’s it, you will get a pop-up as 1 reward earned ” Claim with GPay “, just click on it


7. Now you’ll directly redirect to Gpay and you will get a scartch card. Scartch it and enjoy upto Rs.1000

Remember your bank account is linked with your Tez app.

  1. Hey, I just gifted you a Diwali stamp on Google Pay. Collect all 5 to get an assured Diwali surprise. I’m playing to win, are you? ?

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