Helo App: Get Rs.350 Paytm Cash on Referring Friends

Here is Helo app referral code, by using Helo app referral code, you can get Rs.15 free sign up bonus and can earn Rs.350 free paytm cash on referring a friend. The app is fully verified and the best part is that the minimum redemption amount is Rs.1.

Enter Helo App Referral Code: CYCQSNQ on sign up at Helo App & get Rs.50 bonus for using our Helo referral code & share your Helo referral code 2020 with your friends. When anybody joins using your referral code, then you will get an Rs.350 bonus and your referral friend get Rs.50.

Use Helo Referral Code: CYAWDFZ Rs.350 on sign up & get Rs.350 for referring a single friend on Helo App. Share your Helo Referral Code with your friends and earn Rs.350.

You can withdraw your earning into Paytm or directly into your bank account. You will get money instantly into your Paytm account.

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Download Helo App & Earn Free Paytm Cash

1. First of all, you have to download the Helo app or Enter Helo App Referral code: CSEWRYJ

2. After opening on the link click on ” इंस्टाल करें और रिडीम करें,” it means Install and redeem it

How to Download Helo App

3. Now your downloading will start. Once your download is completed, open the apk and click on ” Install.”

4. When successfully Helo is installed into your smartphone, just open it

5. Then you have to choose your Language, just choose ” Hindi,” and then a pop-up will occur where you will see ” अभी प्राप्त करें,” it means ” Get it Now

Helo App Referral Code

6. By clicking on it, you will instantly get Rs.1 into your Helo wallet. Now you have to sign up in order to get your earning.

7. For sign up, you have to enter your mobile number and have to confirm through a one-time password, i.e., OTP.

Helo App Referral Code

8. After verifying, you have to choose your date of birth and have to enter your name.

9. That’s it, for completing your profile details you will get Rs.2. Now start sharing with your friends and earn paytm cash.

Helo App Online

How to Get the Helo App Referral Code

1. First of all open Helo app

2. After opening the app, just click on ” Rupees Symbol ” which you will see on the top of the app

Helo App Download Apk

3. There you will see ” जीतें  Rs.46 “, just click on it

4. Finally, you will get Helo app referral code, now start sharing with your friends and earn Rs.46 but remember your friend must open the Helo apk for 1-2 min, till 15 days.

Terms & Condition for Helo App Refer & Earn Program

  • Day 1: When your friend sign up into the Helo app and complete all profile details, then you will get Rs.3.
  • Day 2: When your friend just open this app for 1-2 minute then you will get Rs.3.
  • Day 3: When your friend open Helo app for 1-2 minute then you will get Rs.4.
  • Day 7: When your friend open this app continuously for 7 days, then you will get Rs.10.
  • Day 14: When your friend open Helo continuously for 14 days then you will get Rs.11.
  • Day 15: When your friend open for 1-2 min continuously till 15 days, then you will get Rs.15.

Helo Valentine’s Week Offer

Helo Valentine's Week Offer

This Valentine’s week get Rs.50 instantly for referring a single friend till six hours after six hours get Rs.20 and after six hours get Rs.10 instantly into your Helo account.

You can also earn Rs.350 if your referred friend keeps Helo app for 14 Days. This offer is also known as Helo weekend offer.

This Helo weekend offer is valid from today i.e., 8th of February, 2020 and will valid till 9th of February, 2020.

So start sharing with your friends and earn Rs.350 into your Helo account. You can redeem Rs.100 paytm cash daily using Helo app.

How to Redeem Your Earning

1. Open Helo app, then click on ” Rupees Symbol

2. Finally there you will see ” निकालना,” means redeem just click on it

3. That’s it, now enter your bank details or enter your paytm number.

4. Once you click on redeem, you will instantly get your money into your account.

Redemption Proof & Payment Proof

Frequently Asked Question About Helo Referral Code

  • How do you get a Helo Referral Code?
    Ans: Just click on ” Rupees Symbol ” which you will see on the top of the app, there you will see ” जीतें  Rs.46 “, just click on it. Finally, there you will see your helo referral code with the helo app referral link.
  • Can we earn money from the Helo app?
    Ans: Yes, we can easily earn lots of money using the Helo app. The first method is by applying the helo referral code; the second method is by helo refer & earn offer, the third method by sharing Helo app post into your Whatsapp. If you want more methods, then comment down below.

Helo App apk Download

If we are discussing instant Free Paytm Cash app, then Helo App comes in our mind because this app gives you instant Paytm Redemption with a minimum of Rs.1.

This is one of the most popular and best social media app with 100 Million+ downloads in the Android devices and rated as 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store.

Helo apk is available on 14 Indian Languages like Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada,  Bhojpuri, Telugu. So let’s talk about the features of this amazing app.

Features of Helo App-

  • Watch viral & trending videos of TikTok, TV show clips, movie clips & many more.
  • Daily new jokes.
  • Wishes & Quotes
  • WhatsApp Status Videos
  • Cricket Live scores
  • Latest & Instant News
  • Edit Photos & Videos
  • Download funny videos
  • Chat & Messages
  • Follow the real celebrities & superstars
  • Add new fun effects with a beauty filter option.
  • Love Quotes, Good Morning, Good Night messages.
  • Create your original content & share it on this app.
  • Share videos on WhatsApp,  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  • Poll option

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  1. This is my referal code CWMJURA
    Use this referal code and earn 1 rupees at a time. Then your friend applying your referal code then you earn 300 rupees in 14 days

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