HiBoss Referral Code: Get Rs.16 Paytm Cash on Sign Up

Signup on HiBoss using HiBoss referral code – 97ZETV and get Rs.16 Paytm cash easily from Answer to earn the contest. We have added the answers of all the HiBoss Answer To Earn questions through which you get Rs. 16 in Paytm wallet easily.

Enter HiBoss Referral Code: 97ZETV on sign up at HiBoss App & get Rs.16 bonus for using our HiBoss app referral code & share your HiBoss referral code 2020 with your friends. When anybody joins using your referral code, then you will get an Rs.16 bonus and your referral friend get Rs.50.

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HiBoss Referral Code

What is HiBoss?

HiBoss is an app for reselling and earning real cash from it. More than 50,000 Indians have earned the money on HiBoss by selling the products. You can make the real cash on HiBoss without any investment or loss. HiBoss offers wholesale price and the platform don’t charge from supplier making it one of the best reselling and earning app in India.

More than 1,00,000 products are listed on HiBoss and you can earn unlimited money by selling the products. Moreover, the app offers Cash on Delivery option alongside free shipping and 9 days return. Amazing isn’t it? You can raise the margin for your profit without any limitations while selling any product on HiBoss.

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HiBoss Referral Code: Signup and Get Rs. 16 Paytm Cash on HiBoss App

1. First of all, open the download link of HiBoss app from here

2. Scroll down and enter your Paytm number and verify OTP

HiBoss register

3. Now, Confirm and stay there for a few seconds, it will ask you to Download HiBoss app

4. Click on Download HiBoss APP and it will take you to Playstore

HiBoss download

5. Install then Open the HiBoss app and enter your mobile number and click on Next

6. In the next step, enter the OTP received by SMS.

7. Hit Continue button

8. Now, it will ask you to enter the HiBoss Referral Code

9. Type HiBoss Referral Code – LJVH44 and click Confirm

10. There, it will ask you some question so Just Select,Yes, I Know u used to be a Reseller
Enter any Shop Name.

11. You will get Rs. 200 worth VIP which has 30 days valid. Click on Start to Earn button

12. Upon registration on HiBoss app, you will get a popup of Answer to Earn Cash Up to Rs. 16, through which you can get Rs. 16 Paytm cash just by answering simple questions. Don’t worry. We have added the right answers of HiBoss questions so that you can get Rs. 16 Paytm cash for free.

13. Click on the GO button to start the quiz

hiboss answer to earn go

14. Now, you have to answer all the questions correctly to win Rs. 16 Paytm cash in the wallet. You will earn Rs.6 for correct answers and Rs.10 extra for completing the quiz.

15. Check the HiBoss answers from the below section.

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HiBoss Answer to Earn: HiBoss Answers to Win Rs. 16 Paytm Cash

1. The first question on HiBoss app is, Can anyone earn money on HiBoss?

Answer – Yes

hiboss answer to earn

2. The second question on HiBoss app, Is COD available on HiBoss?

Answer – Yes

hiboss answer to earn

3. The third question is Why need to share products to WhatsApp and Facebook?

Answer – People will buy from me if they know i am selling 

hiboss answer to earn

4. The fourth question is Can I raise HiBoss products price to earn more from customer?

Answer – Yes

hiboss answer to earn

5. The next question is, Can I Transfer HiBoss balance to my bank account or Paytm?

Answer – Yes

hiboss answer to earn

6. And, the last question on HiBoss app is Why need to invite more friends?

Answer – Invite friends will help me earn more on HiBoss.

7. After selecting the right answers and clicking on the Next button, you will earn Rs. 1 cash for each right answer. Moreover, for the completion of HiBoss Answer to Earn you will get Rs. 10 bonus. 

hiboss answer to earn8. At last, click on Receive Rs. 16 to add money in HiBoss wallet.

hiboss receive Rs 169. Check the wallet to see Rs. 16.

hiboss wallet

HiBoss Refer and Earn

1. Click on on the Account option

2. Select Invite & Earn

3. Now, tap on the Invite Friends Now button

4. Share your HiBoss refer link and code on any app with your friends and family members

5. Once they join app through your HiBoss referral Code and sale products on HiBoss app, you will earn 1% of their sale amount in your HiBoss wallet

6. After 6 referrals you will become Team Leader and you will get up to 5% cashback from members base sale amount

How to Withdraw HiBoss Money?

You can withdraw HiBoss earnings in a bank account or Paytm wallet after you reach a minimum $2. Thus, you should have at least $2 in HiBoss wallet to redeem it and you can withdraw $70 at a time in HiBoss app.

However, we have added a HiBoss trick to withdraw even it is 0.01 USD. Read below steps to transfer HiBoss money to the bank/Paytm wallet.

1. If you have 2$ or more in HiBoss wallet then you can transfer the money directly without any HiBoss withdraw trick. But, if your HiBoss wallet has below $2 balance then you can’t transfer it directly. So, here is the trick to do it.

2. Download Club Factory app and create an account on the club factory with the same number that you have used to register on HiBoss app. 

3. Now, open Club Factory app and you will be able to see the HiBoss earnings in the Club Factory app. 

4. There is no minimum redeem on Club Factory app. So, withdraw your earnings of HiBoss app through Club Factory app.

How to Earn Money from HiBoss App?

HiBoss has a collection of wide range of products through which you can earn real money in bank or Paytm wallet by sharing the product. Once your friend/family members buy products then you will get a commission from it.

1. From the homepage of the app, click on Any products

2. Now, tap on Share to Earn Money button

3. In the next step, you can share that particular HiBoss product on various social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

4. Select any app and share the product.

5. You will earn base cashback on HiBoss app once your friend purchase that product.

Other ways to earn more on HiBoss App

HiBoss app gives you extra bonus amount based on your total monthly sale amount. 

  • If you complete sales worth Rs. 7,000 or more on HiBoss app, then you will get Rs. 300 extra bonus.
  • If you complete sales worth Rs. 14,000 or more on HiBoss app, then you will get Rs. 500 extra bonus.
  • If you complete sales worth Rs. 28,000 or more on HiBoss app, then you will get Rs. 1400 extra bonus.
  • If you complete sales worth Rs. 50,000 or more on HiBoss app, then you will get Rs. 2,500 extra bonus.
  • If you complete sales worth Rs. 1,00,000 or more on HiBoss app, then you will get Rs. 6,400 extra bonus.
  • If you complete sales worth Rs. 1,50,000 or more on HiBoss app, then you will get Rs. 10,000 extra bonus.
  • If you complete sales worth Rs. 2,00,000 or more on HiBoss app, then you will get Rs. 14,000 extra bonus.
  • If you complete sales worth Rs. 4,00,000 or more on HiBoss app, then you will get Rs. 30,000 extra bonus.
  • If you complete sales worth Rs. 8,00,000 or more on HiBoss app, then you will get Rs. 60,000 extra bonus.

HiBoss New Comers Reward

  1. Get Rs. 20 cashback on your first purchase on HiBoss
  2. Get Rs. 25 cashback on your second order on HiBoss
  3. Get Rs. 30 cashback on your third purchase on HiBoss
  4. Get Rs. 35 cashback on your fourth purchase on HiBoss
  5. Get Rs. 40 cashback on your fifth purchase on HiBoss
  6. So, through 5 orders on HiBoss you can earn Rs. 150 cashback in wallet, which can be transferred to bank or Paytm wallet
  7. You will earn the HiBoss cashback in wallet on completing 7th day of the delivery of the product
  8. If you cancel, reject, return or get a refund from the orders then you won’t get any cashback in HiBoss wallet.

HiBoss Contact Details

HiBoss customer care number – 8618058810367

HiBoss email address – [email protected]

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