Jio Tata IQL Quiz Answers: Answer 10 Question & Win 1GB Jio Free Data

Searching for Jio Tata IQL quiz answers? If yes, then here is Jio IQL quiz answers. By answering Jio tata quiz you can win 1GB jio free data. You just have to answer 10 question and for answering 10 question you will instatnly get 1gb free jio data.

IQL means India quizzing league. So what are you all waiting for let’s get started. You must read about Wheel Jio Free Internet Data Offer– Get 1GB Jio Data FREE

Jio IQL Quiz Answers

Answers 1. Sandalwood
Answers 2. One Rupee
Answers 3. Milkha Singh
Answers 4. Sardar Patel Stadium
Answers 5. Amartya Sen
Answers 6. 245
Answers 7. Vikramaditya
Answers 8. Aurangabad
Answers 9. Meghalaya
Answers 10. Tata Airlines

How to Participate in Jio Tata IQL Quiz?

1. First of all you have to download MyJio app, if already download then skip this step.

2. Now on dashboard you will see a banner of ” Jio Tata IQL Quiz “, just click on it

Jio Tata IQL Quiz

3. After clicking they will ask you to enter your name, your age along with your preferred language to answer the quiz

4. Now enter your name and Put Your Age between 10-12 years.

Remember your age must be 10 to 12 years.

Jio Tata IQL Quiz Answers

5. After doing above steps, now click on ” Take a quiz

Jio IQL Quiz Answers

6. Finally start answering the quiz one by one. The answers are given.

Also remember 1000 Lucky Winners will win free 1 GB Jio Data.

Jio IQL Quiz Proof

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